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Video Roundup: Kaia Wilson, What Hearts, Tu Fawning, Caminhos Cruzados

kaia1aKaia Wilson

 There are days...and there are days. Days like this one where I spend a good 45 minutes putting together a new Video Roundup and then close the browser window on accident and lose everything I've done. It's enough to drive a man to bite a pillow, I'll tell you what. 


Just like the holiday we just celebrated, let's resurrect this sumbitch and move on forward. Starting with Ms. Kaia Wilson. The former Team Dresch/Butchies icon has a new album out next month on Jealous Butcher - with the great title Two Adult Women In Love - and she put together a self-shot, self-edited iPhone clip to premier the haunting new track "Canopy." 

CANOPY from kaia wilson on Vimeo.

Another fine group with a fine album out in the fine month of May is What Hearts. The all-girl folk group will be releasing Do It In The Day (another great title!) and, with director Leah Brown Swan, have created this black-and-white, splitscreen, corseted bit of beauty to accompany the title track. 

WHAT HEARTS_THE MORNING CREW from Leah Brown Swan on Vimeo.

The weirdness and wonderfulness of this next video should come as little surprise to anyone who knows the work of Tu Fawning. In it, the band wanders through a landscape of sand and sea and trees and birds and rocks and things (I really don't think there are any birds in it, but the America reference wouldn't work with out that word). All the while they are singing the lyrics to "Anchor" a stunning song off the band's forthcoming long player A Monument (coming out, yes, in May). 

Now to shine a little light in the room courtesy of local guitarists Dan Balmer and Nat Hulskamp, and cajon player Israel Annoh. Collectively they are known as Caminhos Cruzados and here they perform a tangy Brazilian jazz number entitled "Berimbeau." 

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