There are five words to this song.

I often wonder what would have happened to Josh Hodges music if no one ever danced to Starfucker. I think things could have gone one of two ways: He'd either be making really elaborate experimental music by now or he'd be releasing stripped-down, minimal songs like this on his own, perhaps under the old Sexton Blake moniker.

Of course that's all speculation. Hodges told me some time ago that he's been working on a new solo album, which I'm still very excited about, but until it finds daylight, there's the Record Store Day-only Starfucker demos album Heaven's Youth—it'll be vinyl-only and limited to 1,000 copies, so I've already sort of given up on buying one—a collection of early Starfucker demos that sound, well, a lot like Sexton Blake.
More of this, please.