The big regional news from this year's David Foster Wallace-snubbing Pulitzer announcements: Seattle may have all the prize-winning reportage, but Portland has the best cartoonists. 

Two Emerald City newspapers took home Pulitzers this year: The Stranger's Eli Sanders won the features-reporting prize for his cover story on the survivor of a killing, while the Seattle Times won for its investigative reporting on a state agency saving money by switching patients to methadone.

But Portland gained its share of the spotlight in the political cartoons category. Politico's Matt Wuerker won the prize, but the two finalists, Matt Bors and Jack Ohman, are both Portlanders. 

Bors is syndicated in the Portland Mercury. Ohman draws for The Oregonian.

UPDATE, 5:05 pm: Both my editor and publisher are quick to inform me that Pulitzer-winning cartoonist Matt Wuerker is also a Portlander, who only recently moved to Washington D.C. Wuerker drew editorial cartoons for WW starting in the 1980s—including the Bob Packwood drawing, "Ground Bob Day," that now hangs over Mark Zusman's desk.

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