Portland advertising giant Wieden+Kennedy took a hit today when the creative director who helped make one of the internet's most successful viral ad campaigns—the Old Spice Guy's personalized videos—announced he's taking a job at Google.

Iain Tait was a key player behind Old Spice's "The Man Your Man Could Smell Like" response videos, which featured towel-wrapped wide receiver Isaiah Mustafa delivering personalized messages to commenters and bloggers. The videos garnered nearly 6 million views in less than 48 hours in July 2010, and Tait was promoted last December to one of the agency's 11 global partners.

But he's leaving on May 15 to work at Google Creative Labs, the search engine's online marketing wing based in New York City.

"I hate it, and I am in denial, but yes, he is leaving us to join Google Creative Lab to be in touch with his inner geek and work on the product side," agency director Dan Wieden in a statement.

But let us look back to a more innocent time—July 2010—when Old Spice Guy urged everyone not to become distracted from making internet videos in Portland.