Don't let the disco-esque guitar chords, oozing keyboards of "Day by Day Livin'" fool you. At first I was lulled by the retro vibe of the opening track from Foreign Orange's Ghost Vibrations EP. The deceptively feel-good quality of the music permeates the entire track, elevated by the guitar chords and danceable beat, but is completely betrayed by the lyrics.

Even seemingly sunny lyrics involving visions of a quiet country-side house takes a dastard turn with its following line about it being a ticking boomed. Other imagery includes the trigger of a gun and scenes of blood all over the floor, not to mention the chorus refrain of "suicide is painless" (is it meant to be a nod to the theme song from MASH?).

It's a completely unexpected contrast and that clash works in the song's favor, almost demanding repeated listen before you've even finished it the first time through.