Last week I said on Twitter that this would be "Sandpeople Week." Now, admittedly, this has been the worst Sandpeople week ever. But lets get the ball rolling again.

During Illmaculate's opening set for Slaughterhouse last week, the Sandpeople MC talked at length about the importance of taking the Portland flag and "planting it all around the world." That's exactly what his supergroup, Sandpeople, is attempting with its European dates in May. And to promote the tour (see Monday's Kickstarter post), the Sandpeeps are releasing a series of new cuts for die-hards at home and abroad.

Aside from Gold's unfortunate Marcus Camby reference (it's okay, I started missing that guy the day he shipped out to Houston), this Trox-produced does a pretty nice job of capturing the essence of the city from its college sports obsessions to its spendy marijuana habit. "Trust me," Ethic says. "All we do up here is puff trees." Well, you also put out albums every once in awhile. 

Kinda makes you think Sandpeople should be in Paris with the rest of Portland right now. I guess that, if they have their druthers, they'll be in Europe soon enough.