Clément Haslé with more photos from Paris! Here's what he has to say about day two:

Part of night two of Keep Portland Weird took place yesterday at Le Centre Pompidou, one of the most prestigious contemporary art museums in Europe. The show took place in a 400-seat venue located in the basement of the Centre.

There is always a lot of action going on the square of the museum, as you can see in the pictures, including a little anti-nuclear energy protest going on.

Lovers played first, they clearly impressed and won over the French audience who didn't really know them before, as they don't have any record released other here yet. Then Tara Jane O'Neil was up for a 20-minute set, where she was playing live the score of short movies by Vanessa Renwick. Beautiful but too short, we'll see Tara Jane play again tonight at La Gaité Lyrique. Tender Forever took the stage for the end of the evening. She performed an hour and a half set, helped on some songs by her own Portland all-star band: It was made up of all-female, drums-only band STLS; Rachel Blumberg on the vibes; and even Tara Jane O'Neil on the guitar for one song. Laid back and used to playing in Paris (Tender Forever's Melanie Valera is French but lives now in Portland), she talked a lot with the audience, cracking jokes and performing over funny pictures and videos that she prepared—all in a cheerful and lively atmosphere. She covered different songs: Ryan Adams' "Come Pick Me Up," Cher's "Believe" and Destiny's Child's "Survivor." She'll be back at Le Centre Pompidou on Friday with Holcombe Waller.

Keep Portland Weird was also happening at La Gaité Lyrique yesterday, with the "Portland Groove night," which included live performances from Slimkid3 and Lifesavas.

See images from day one here.