Who's behind the project? The surf-garage-pop quartet with the adorably malaproptastic name, Nucular Aminals. 

Why do they want your money? The band has secured some studio time in Chicago with respected producer/engineer/musician Steve Albini (he recorded iconic albums like In Utero, Rid of Me, Surfer Rosa, and Razorblade Suitcase). It sounds like a fine meeting of likeminded spirits, but the group will need money to get down to his Electrical Audio, and to pay for the sessions. 

What are they offering in return? You get a crack at a batch of demo versions of songs that will end up on the final album, and they'll kick down a download of the new disc when it's wrapped up. 

How much are they asking for? $10 from each person (or more if it can be spared).

Will they be fully funded? That all depends on you. (see below)

Our final assessment: This ain't a bad way to fuel a recording session. Since NA are using Bandcamp, they don't have to worry about kicking down a chunk of their funds to the corporate overlords at Amazon, nor do they have to beg for their fans to help them hit some lofty $$ goal. They simply get the cash - whether it be $10 or $10,000 - dumped right into their coffers. And for the folks who want to support the band, they get an instant gift in the form of some already great sounding demo versions (hear them directly below). This is crowdsourcing and microfinancing it its most DIY form and we applaud them for it.