It starts like jazz, which I like.

Deer or the Doe knows how to build atmosphere, but it also knows how to thrash as if the better parts of the mid-'90s underground never left. And after that build-up, everything about descriptions gets all Mascis and Bachmann, blasting and rumbling. I like that the never-ending-guitar-solo of a lead jets upward, and I like that it's never allowed to break free of the pounding surf below. I like that the song is just under two minutes long. 

I didn't soak up all the lyrics—either because they're low in the mix or because I listened to too much music that sounded like this when I was a teenager—but the errata I pieced together is talking about an Indian Summer and patience, and a head nod to "This Land Was Meant for You and Me." 

That's enough to pique my interest in Deer or the Doe's new record which they recently raised enough money on Kickstarter to support.. This video doesn't hurt, either. People running pretty much always makes for a good video!

Deer or the Doe is dropping its new album on May 31 at Mississippi Studios with—whoa—Radiation City and Point Juncture, WA.