Former city commissioner Charlie Hales has been forced to dip into his own checkbook for the first time in the 2012 mayor's race, putting $50,000 into his own campaign in the final days before the May 15 primary vote.

State campaign records show the money went straight out the door to his media firm. He and his chief foes, businesswoman Eileen Brady and state Rep. Jefferson Smith, have all made big TV time buys in the campaign's final week.

Brady has already loaned her own campaign $125,000.

As of Saturday night, Hales was still showing about $44,000 in cash on hand, but the loan means his balance sheets shows his campaign in now running $6,000 in the red.

UPDATE MONDAY, 11:20 am: State campaign records show Hales has loaned his campaign another $50,000, bringing his total self-funding to $100,000.