Rep. Mike Schaufler's troubled career in the Oregon House is over.

Former teacher and business executive Jeff Reardon beat him handily for the Democratic nomination in House District 48. In early voting, Reardon leads Schaufler 66 percent to 34 percent.

Schaufler had come under criticism for his boorish behavior and his habit of using campaign funds to pay for his bar tabs. Last year he lost his co-chairmanship of the House Business and Labor Committee after witnesses said he pawed a female lobbyist at the 2011 AFL-CIO convention.

Schaufler, 52, is a five-term incumbent from Happy Valley. He enjoyed strong business support while Reardon, a first-time candidate, benefited from an unusually determined effort from the Oregon League of Conservation voters and the Working Families Party, both of which canvassed for him non-stop.

As many as a dozen legislative Democrats had come out in favor of Reardon and in opposition to their colleague, Schaufler.