Who's behind the project? Longtime WW favorites and the best damn pig-based hip-hop group around, The Chicharones. 

Why do they want your money? The kids have been asked to headline the "Bring It Back" stage on this year's Warped Tour. The whole tour, all summer. But because the bands like Chicharones don't get paid to be on the tour, they need some cash to help get a full band from one end of the U.S. to the next. 

What are they offering in return? Small dollar donors will pick up an advance copy of the group's new album Swine Flew before the release date. Midlevel donors get signed copies of all the Chicharones albums, a t-shirt, and a special video shout out. And for the big ticket donors (we're talking $350 - $3,000), the group with either cover a song of your choosing, give you a signed pig mask worn by DJ Zone, write you an original song, or perform at a house party for you and your posse. 

How much are they asking for? $10,000

Will they be fully funded? With 20 days to go and only $1,100 picked up as of this writing, the odds aren't necessarily looking too hot. But, that's still nearly three more weeks to get the word out and raise the scratch. 

Our final assessment: If you've seen the group perform, you know there is no doubt that the Chicharones can bring it on stage. And goodness knows they have done their time in the hip-hop trenches. This could be a huge break for Sleep, Zone, Josh Martinez, and the whole crew. A captive audience of teens, tweens, and their handlers night after night...not to mention the networking possibilities of getting in good with the rest of the emo/punk/metalcore contingent? That could do wonders for these guys. Do as we likely to do and dig deep to help make this incredible opportunity a reality.