Videos! Some are real new, some we just missed the first time around. Either way, they are something Portland-centric for you to stare at as you wind down the final minutes before your Memorial Weekend begins (we hope). There'll be no time for video-watching in the great outdoors, friends. And, snap, look at the time! We'd better make this quick! 

Michael the Blind, "Sympathies"
In next week's paper, Shane Danaher compares Michael the Blind's delivery to that of the Thermals' Hutch Harris, and listening elsewhere on MTB's new disc, Are's and Els, that makes sense. Not so much here, though, where he kinda sounds like Michael Stipe or something. Here we find the songwriter inviting a baker's dozen of his friends to take a nap with him—which, oddly, makes for pretty engaging video and reminds me slightly of the REM "Everybody Hurts" vid.


Vinnie Dewayne, "Pour It Out"
For whatever reason, it's tough for me to convince a lot of my friends—even the hip-hop heads among them—to listen to Portland-made hip-hop. They should correct that behavior, because Vinnie Dewayne's Castaway Mixtape can and will have some serious national impact. He's a hungry young MC with quite a head on his shoulders, and every time I listen to this tune again, I appreciate it more. Look out for this guy.

Plankton Wat, "Fabric of Life"
Trippy shit!

Serge Severe, "Rare Flow"
I dig this beat, and Serge kills it.

Lloyd Allen Sr. at Blue Diamond
This isn't new, and the footage is a little weird. But Lloyd Allen is incredible. Go see him soon.