It's been eight months since Occupy Portland turned two city parks into fetid mudholes, and seven months since an aggrieved Bureau of Parks and Recreation presented the city with a $130,000 bill. 

Now the two sides will face off again—in a softball game.

In a sign tensions have eased somewhat since last fall's showdown in Chapman and Lownsdale Squares, Occupy Portland and rangers for the city's Parks and Recreation bureau will play a softball game in Overlook Park at 3 pm on Sunday, June 10.

The Parks bureau hadn't returned WW's calls by the time of the initial post, but Occupy's Michael Withey says it was the rangers' idea.

"One of them mentioned we should have a softball game, and we threw it back and forth," Withey says. "We're going to ask people to leave their politics and alcohol at home."

UPDATE, 3:07 pm: The Parks Department says it isn't true. If rangers play Occupiers in softball, says Parks spokesman Mark Ross, it'll be on their own time. It is not an official event.

"It's not rangers vs. Occupiers," says Ross. "The City and PP&R don't have a position on this, other than to confirm it is a permitted event."