Preston Johnson
paid around $150 a day to pile on pale make-up and fight off crazed fans and TwilightMoms as Pattinson's photo/stunt double on the film's Oregon set.
WW: How did you first hear about the job? Did you have to audition?
Had you ever read Twilight?
Had you heard about it?
So you still talk to Robert?
Is Kristen Stewart as big of a bitch as she seems?
Do you think that they're dating?
What was the best thing about being in Twilight?
Did you work on New Moon at all?
New Moon,
New Moon
Any movie plans in the future?
Do you ever still get stopped on the street or mistaken for Robert Pattinson?
New Moon
Photo of Preston Johnson and Robert Pattinson on the Oregon set of
in 2008 courtesy of Preston Johnson.