Hold on to your bodices: Fabio, the most beautiful man in the cosmos, is on a tour of Whole Foods stores, promoting his personal brand of protein powder, and he's hitting Portland tomorrow. 

Fabs and his razor-sharp jawline will be doing meet-and-greets at the Fremont (June 6, 11 am-4 pm), Pearl (June 7, 11 am-4 pm), Hollywood (June 8, 11 am-4 pm) and Laurelhurst (June 8, 4:30-8:30 pm) stores, flogging the $44.99 tubs of whey, autographing dog-eared copies of Defy Not The Heart and posing for photos with your weird aunt.

Here's a little something from Fabio's 1994 album, Fabio After Dark, to get you in the mood: