At most farmers markets, you bring your own bags. At Gresham Farmer's Market, you bring your own bugs.

If you do the Portland Creep (someone please choreograph this, Thriller style) out to the Gresham Farmers Market, you'll need some insects.

You'll be glad you did if you find yourself in front of Sarracenia NW, a stand devoted to carnivorous plants. The owner is Jeff "Snake" Dallas, a long-time employee of the Portland Outdoor School. As his second calling—because, let's get real, no money goes into outdoor school these dayshe sells Venus flytraps and bladderworts

The bugs will come in handy if you want a demonstration. You will want a demonstration. Unfortunately, the stand doesn't keep a supply. But, if you've got your own horse-fly in a plastic baggie, they'll be more than happy to feed their hungry, hungry greenery. 

Besides your bugs, Gresham offers the chance to bring dogs. While most farmers markets ask that you leave your Chihuahua to shiver at home, the Gresham market is known as the four-leg-friendliest market in the area, provided you keep "head and tail ends" away from produce. (Their words, not mine.)

The market certainly caters to the dogs. Besides those vendors like Kiss My Biscuits and Be Bop USA Pet Products, which make it their mission to serve the furry, many vendors also have a stash of dog treats on hand. 

"I get tons of people thanking me every week, though I'll get a couple complaints, too" says Market Manager Jon Berlin.

Lowering his voice, he adds, "From the same two people, every time." 

So bring your dogs, just keep the small ones away from the flesh-eating foliage.

Location: NW 3rd St & NW Miller Ave., Gresham. 

Time: Saturdays, now until the end of October, 8:30 am to 2 pm. 

The crowd: The market's carnival-like atmosphere caters to suburbanite families. 

Senior sellers: Lamon Bee Acres. Try the Armaretto honey. And talk to Vicki. 

Freshman sellers: Olson Fine Designs. 

Trending: Asparagus and carnivorous plants.

Carts on site: "Pop-a-Bak", Baklava; Maria's Tamales. 

Dog friendly: One purebred away from a dog show. 

Parking: Free street parking is easy to find. For more info, click here.