Need a pick-me-up after Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's dispiriting, Citizens United-aided victory in last night's recall election? How about a video of the head of an Oregon public employees' union telling Mitt Romney to scram?

AFSCME executive director Ken Allen, Democratic Party of Oregon chairwoman Meredith Wood Smith and local contractor Sharon Maxwell took turns filibustering against the GOP presidential candidate on Monday, roughly two hours before his fundraising luncheon at the Governor Hotel. They even brought large, densely worded signs for a backdrop. 

It's a very decorous rally, more golf clap than Little Beirut, but there's a suspenseful part where the podium almost falls over.

Hope it helps.

Inside-baseball tidbit: The DPO sent out a press release Monday that said Portland mayoral candidate Jefferson Smith would be at the anti-Romney rally. But the DPO says it was an accident. Sources tell WW that the party wanted both mayoral candidates there, but decided not to invite either when Charlie Hales couldn't make it. 

Smith says he was never invited. "I don't have a good reason to think why they would think I'd be there," he said, "with the exception of thinking I'd be an opportunistic politician."