Here's something I'll never understand about The Know's booking policies: their #1 rule of any show is this: all the live music has to be over by 11pm, no exceptions. 

Knowing that, the folks in charge over there still book three and four act bills that start at 8:30 or later, expecting the bands to police themselves as far as the schedule goes. The unfortunate truth is that some bands have a lot of equipment to set up and tear down, and they can have a tendency to drag their feet doing both. So, the headliners - or the band's playing last if you don't want to sound all weird about it - get short shrift. 

Case in point: last night's Eternal Tapestry record release show. By anyone's account, including guitarist Dewey Mahood who said as much after their set, the band was just getting warmed up when sax/keyboard player Ryan Carlile started making the slashing sound at his throat.

It was especially distressing as the quintet were just winding down after a particularly fiery and funky Can-like jam that had Mahood loudly hollering in ecstasy as he ratcheted out another long winding solo. Left with some time to move further forward, I have no doubt the band would have reduced the packed house at The Know to a steaming puddle of goo. 

Everything else up until that point was pure delight. Swahili provided a great tribal mindfuck to start the night. And Blood Beach have found a stash of Hawkwind records sitting in a box underneath their garage pop 45s. So to have it all cut short before the peak was even reached....shameful. 

I beg The Know to give music fans the same consideration that they are giving their neighbors. You can't get us all worked up and then leave us turgid and in need of release.