Who's behind the project? The surf/garage by way of proggy psychedelics quartet Blood Beach

Why do they want your money? These crazy kids are heading out on a tour of Europe in September and to help pay for their gas between Leipzig and Tillburg, they are bringing with them an exclusive 7" to sell along the way. And they are bringing a cassette compilation entitled Keep Portland Normal, featuring some of their favorite local acts (Jason Urick, Psychic Feline, Plankton Wat, and many others). Your money will help get them pressed up and duplicated and looking purty. 

What are they offering in return? Sure you could pay your $10 and get a copy of the record and the cassette, but I say go big: drop $50 and get a watercolor painted by front man Shane on a subject matter of your choosing, or $100 to get a doll made from the hair of one member of the rhythm section (your choice!). 

How much are they asking for? $1,500

Will this project be fully funded? Without a doubt. It's a rather small goal and the backing gifts are too good to pass up. 

Our final assessment: I adore the fact that Blood Beach is releasing some new music, but not as much as I love that they are turning this tour into a chance to be ambassadors for the music scene in our fair city. And if their show at The Know last night is any indication the new direction of the band into heavier and spacier material bodes well for both us and the world.