We are happy to announce the first installment of Live Reel, a new LocalCut video series that features local artists performing live songs in various locations—meaning, pretty much wherever we can find that will fit musicians and their instruments. The goal is to capture unique and intimate performances specific to Portland's music scene by getting up close and personal with the city's bands. (We realize we're not the only blog doing this—but then there's a lot of Portland music to go around.)

After facing time constraints, pouring rain and the challenge of squeezing an upright bass into an RV—tricky—we shot our first video with St. Even, a singer-songwriter whose album Spirit Animal was one of the more impressive, yet unheralded albums of last year. Performing the unrecorded song, “A Light Goes On in My Car When I Open the Door,” St. Even gives a small taste of his earnest voice and wonderfully unconventional storytelling in this sunset camper session shot near the Bluffs in North Portland. Video by Emilee Booher and David Coy.