From veteran gossip hound Byron Beck comes word that MTV is planning to shoot the 28th season of reality-television juggernaut The Real World in Portland starting in July.

For those of you who've already decided this is the worst blight to ever descend upon Portland (because we've never had a mediocre television show shot here before), here's a reason to keep living a few more hours: Sources in the Oregon Governor's Office of Film & Television tell WW that the shoot isn't a done deal, thanks to some kind of holdup with city permitting.

We like to imagine that this is the only agenda item on Mayor Sam Adams' desk right now, and he is just staring at it, then looking off into space, then staring down at it again.

Meanwhile, you might work yourself further into a frenzy by reading this tremendous John Jeremiah Sullivan piece on the half-life of Real World celebrities. In the words of the Miz: This is a fiascal.