In this week's Headout feature, "What's Your Ride?", we implied that Jeff and Jodi's North Portland Bike Move—a Pedalpalooza "ride" in which riders help a Portland couple move house—might not be as fun as, say, the rides where you get to dress up as Prince, or get naked. Jeff and Jodi beg to differ.

We received this response from the resourceful couple, who assured us that packing up a stranger's house and hauling their 150 lbs sofa across town, by bike, is actually loads of fun. 

"Hey WWeek! You guys published my bike move in your "What's Your Ride" decision tree. You also said it was for people who hate fun! What's up with that? This video that was made by BikeBot during our bike move is proof that having a bike move is lots of fun! Check it out and consider helping out with the next one."

Do we stand corrected? We'll let you decide: