Gov. Barbara Roberts
Dennis Oliver Woods
Updated at 1:55 pm on Sept 30., with the following statement from Senate Republican caucus spokesman Michael Gay:
"The premise of this attack is that the vendor had some sort of consulting role with the caucus," Gay writes in an email. "In reality he was nothing more than a telemarketing vendor who conducted polls. The vendor has never been an advisor or spokesman for any of our candidates. When hiring vendors, we make our decision based on price and quality of product. Prior to the attack leveled by Democrat political consultants, we were unaware of the vendor's beliefs on these or any other issues. Never the less, we are no longer employing the services of the vendor. This was a non-issue a week ago and remains a non-issue today.

This is nothing more than a pathetic attempt to distract from the real issues. Democrats don't want to have a debate based on the issues of jobs and the economy because they have lost the support of voters.

What should be of concern to Oregonians is that this type of guilt by association game begins a race to the bottom. We anticipate these attacks will backfire as voters realize they are intended to distract from the issues of high unemployment and a deepening recession."