Today, the company that owns Portland's only daily newspaper announced a redesign of its affiliated website,

OregonLive hosts The Oregonian's online content, but operates as a separate company; both website and newspaper are owned by the privately held Advance Publications.

The new OregonLive design looks exactly like the revamped Advance sites in New Orleans and Alabama, where Advance this month ceased daily publication of its papers and laid off hundreds of employees.

But it's not so easy reading the tea leaves here. At least one other Advance site, MassLive, has adopted the company's bloggy new redesign without major changes being reported for its affiliated newspaper, the Springfield, Mass. Republican. Other Advance sites tied to newspapers—in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Syracuse, New York—have so far stuck with the old corporate design.

The O's unsigned announcement this afternoon focuses on the "cleaner, less cluttered layout" of the new website but makes no mention of any other changes in store for the company or the newspaper. "We will post additional information, including a full FAQ of the new layout, on Monday," today's announcement says.

WW emailed Oregonian publisher N. Christian Anderson III asking if Monday's announcement would have any bearing on The O, its publication schedule, corporate structure or staffing levels.

His response is as follows:

Do you honestly think I would tell in you advance if any changes were going to be announced?