Last fall, the Metro area was abuzz with the story of a TriMet driver kicking a mother and her screaming infant off a No. 57 bus on a September night, saying the baby's crying was a distraction.

The Forest Grove News-Times now breaks the news that the transit agency is investigating the same driver, Claudeen Hendren, for ejecting another mother and her four children off the same bus line on June 7.

The story says:

In September, TriMet driver Claudeen Hendren served

a 10-day suspension after she berated a young Forest Grove mother about

her crying child. The young mother got off the bus in Hillsboro and

several riders left in protest about what they viewed as Hendren’s

unprofessional behavior.

Now TriMet is investigating the latest incident in

Forest Grove that has striking similarities to case last fall. In the

new incident, a woman and her four children (ages 2, 6, 11 and 13) were

told to leave the bus at about 11 p.m. after an argument about a fare

with a Line 57 bus driver. The mother and her children were in tears

during the incident.