Let's start off this Video Roundup with a weird but surprisingly affecting clip from Sean Flinn & The Royal We. It involves a beating heart found in a field and a storeroom dummy brought to "life" with it. I'll leave the rest of the tale for you to enjoy. 

IAME was kind enough to hip us to this month old clip for his song "Bell Toll", and it's artfully directed black & white video that focuses on the rapper's mustachioed face and his deep, dark rhymes. 

Now, a little live action from the scintillating duo The Ghost Ease. This video captures them playing "Moon Being"  during a particularly gnarly performance this past May at Ella St. Social Club. 

Since we paid tribute to the demise of Support Force last week, we thought it would be appropriate to give a little more love to the band, especially with this fantastic, recently uploaded clip of the band performing last year at...well, to me it looks like the p:ear offices downtown, but there's no information one way or t'other. Listen, just quit asking questions and enjoy it already! 

Our final video is from another great dreampop act Shadows on Stars that's filled with split screen magic, kaleidoscopic visuals, and a tasteful use of color. Let this one get your work day off to a dazzling start.