Max Brumm was among the more visible of the alternative mayoral candidates in the primary election. The 19-year-old finished eighth among the 23 candidates on the ballot, with 790 votes.

Apparently, he also gained a seething distaste for Rep. Jefferson Smith (D-Portland).

Brumm released his runoff endorsement Thursday, and it's less noteworthy for whom it endorses—Charlie Hales—than for the intensity of its rancor toward the other guy.

"I hate Jefferson Smith," Brumm says; "we may agree on a lot of policies and progressive issues, but he wears a deceptive mask and is fooling a lot of people into think he is such a great guy. In fact he is not! He only cares about himself. In my medical opinion (even though I have never been in med school), I would classify him as a sociopath."

Why exactly does Brumm hate Smith so much? The animus emerges chiefly from Brumm's allegation that Smith locked him out of primary debates. Brumm also recounts a vivid (not to say hilarious) man-to-man exchange:

Months before this vote took place, he told

me to “stop talking shit to me, kid”. My response was that I’m was, and am, just

speaking the truth. Now with that really being the only conversation we had, I

pretty much lost a lot of respect for him. After he tried to bully me, going so

far as to insult me and my family, I will never speak to him again. Not even if

there was a fire.

In other endorsement news, blogger Jack Bogdanski has thrown his support behind city auditor LaVonne Griffin-Valade, who is not on the ballot and is not campaigning.