The self-described "star" of the History Channel's hilariously pseudoscientific series Ancient Aliens, publisher of Legendary Times magazine ("the only ancient astronaut publication in the world"), and bona fide Internet meme Giorgio A. Tsoukalos is on tour, and he's hitting Portland this Sunday.

Tsoukalos will be at the Nines Hotel, where fans can pay anywhere from $25 for a three-hour session with that amazing head of hair, to $225 for a full 12 hours. 

Relevant: This recent Ancient Aliens episode about sasquatches. Which are aliens. Travelling across the country via secret underground tunnels. 

Suggested discussion points

Things in Portland that might actually have been created by ANCIENT ALIENS: Mt. Tabor, Satan's Testicles, the Space Room Lounge, Ladd's Addition, the Grotto, Michael Hurley

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