In the wake of our cover story examining Oregon's quixotic crusade against illegal fireworks, WW has been following with some interest the seasonal reports of explosives accidents.

So when a Washington County man had to have his thumb surgically reattached Sunday night when a mortar exploded in his hand, we noted what fireworks he was holding.

Turns out he bought the same fireworks we did.

Curtis Januik, a 27-year-old Rock Creek resident, allegedly purchased his fireworks in Vancouver, Wa., during the legal sales window. Photographs taken by the Washington County Sheriff of his stash show that he bought a popular mortar called That's Your Problem—its packaging shows Uncle Sam as a skull with one eyeball—and a pile of Roman candles.

He also bought a 24-pack mortar display called Excalibur—the same one WW launched in Camas last week for journalistic purposes.

We got a warning from the Camas police. Januik got his thumb nearly severed. Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue says he is expected to regain use of his thumb and fingers.

Tomorrow is the Fourth of July. Be careful out there.