Tomorrow is the deadline for turning in signatures for measures aimed at the November 6 general election ballot. Although it promises to be a busy day at the Secretary of State's elections division, neither of the abortion-related measures circulating will make the ballot.

One measure Initiative Petition 22, defined life as beginning at fertilization and said "no person shall be denied the right to life."

That was a pretty absolute step and probably always had less chance of attracting widespread support than Initiative Petition 25, which said "no public funds shall be used to pay for any abortion, except to save the life of the mother or as may be required by federal law." Although less draconian, that measure also failed to generate the necessary traction.

Here's an email that Jeff Jimerson, on of the sponsors of IP 25, sent to supporters yesterday:

We've tallied up signatures that have come in this week and it looks like we're not going to make it this year. With just two days left to deliver signed petitions to the Secretary of State, we've got only about 70,000 signatures in hand — less than half of our 150,000 signature goal.

We've fought hard, but now it's time to rest. Enjoy your time with friends and family today. We're not yet free from funding abortions in Oregon, but we can and should celebrate the freedoms we do have.

I'll send out a final update on Friday.

Serving together with you,

Jeff Jimerson

Co-Chief Petitioner

Oregon 2012 Initiative #25