A local photographer's picture of local cops and Portland kids is going viral on a day when the Portland Police are in the news for a completely different reason.

This photo—depicting Portland Police Officer Doug Matthews allowing four teenagers to sit and chat on the hood of his cop car at Last Thursdays on Alberta—has received more than 2,000 likes, 600 shares and approximately 164 comments in the past 24 hours.


Portland Police Officer Doug Matthews lets local teens hang-out on his police cruiser at Alberta St's Last Thursday
Jov Luke Photography

The photographer, Jov Luke, posted the photo on his Facebook page with this caption:

“I was walking down Alberta St, & when I saw this I was moved. The fact those kids felt so comfortable with the police, the fact the police were focusing on public safety rather than the petty. This was truly beautiful to me.” 

Among the comments posted on Luke's Facebook page was this one:

“Glad to see this picture and some positive attention about the police for once. As someone who works daily with PPB, honestly, about 98% of all the officers are truly amazing people who genuinely care about the citizens of Portland.” 

The irony of course, is that this morning the city released a ruling by an arbitrator who found that the city's discipline of two officers who were involved in the 2006 arrest of James Chasse was unfair to the cops. 

James Chasse

The discipline, which amounted to two week's suspension, came after the city determined that the lack of information the officers gave paramedics resulted in Chasse being taken to jail rather than a hospital. Chasse died in police custody and the city eventually gave Chasse's estate $1.6 million.