Justin Bieber is known for his catchy lyrics, smooth moves and dreamy appearance (to 12-year-old girls, that is). But a Wilsonville woman is suing him for a much different sensation she now lacks: hearing.
According to the $9.2 million suit filed by Stacey Wilson Betts (and reported by TMZ), Betts suffers from permanent hearing loss as a direct result of unsafe decibel levels incurred at Bieber's show. 

Betts alleges in her suit she sustained the injury when Bieber climbed into a heart-shaped gondola suspended above the crowd, enticing the gaggle of screeching fans, "creating a wave like effect of screaming by pointing in various directions of the arena."

Betts claims the gondola acted as a sound conductor that created "a sound blast that exceeded safe decibel levels," and she wants damages for pain and suffering, loss of quality of life, and permanent disability and impairment in both of her ears. 

Bieber's label, Island Def Jam records, and the Rose Garden's management group, Vulcan Inc., are also listed in the suit as liable defendants.