Former Attack of the Show! co-host Kevin Pereira is bringing his live leetUP event to the Crystal Ballroom on September 21. Billed in the presser I just received as "the ultimate party mash-up for geeks, gamers, nerds and pop-culture fanatics," it seems to be... a lot of things that 20-40-year-old white dudes* like shoved into one room? Here's more:

The two-fold live event is designed to celebrate everything nerd; a pop culture carnival featuring non-stop action on and off-stage. From the stage, Kevin Pereira will play host to a hotbed of live action, audience games, live podcasting and conversation with geeky celebs and interweb stars including Epic Meal Time, Zack Pearlman and Ask A Ninja. Interspersed in the action, VJ Mike Relm will perform and in each city a plethora of special guest stars including Doug Benson, Paul Scheer and many more will join the party. Also, several times throughout each evening, select attendees will be pulled from the crowd to compete on-stage for awesome prizes! ...Off-stage features a multitude of experiential zones that include exclusive technology demos, an old-school videogame arcade, photo playsets, geeky art stations, giveaways, cosplay and other surprises that vary, depending upon the city. At the conclusion of each tour date, VIP ticket-holders are invited to an exclusive Meet & Greet and After Party where they can mingle with some of the on-stage guests and will walk away with some impressive, swanky gift bags! 

Here's a really loud video:

No word yet on who the "geeky celebs" will be in Portland; the inaugural event on March 1 had Kevin Smith, Felicia Day and Chris Hardwick—but then it was held in L.A. where those people actually live. 

So, is it an awesome, shame-free evening to let your geek flag fly, or a cynical cash-in and commodification of "nerd culture," (whatever that means these days, anyway) where a bunch of 30-somethings will pay to dress up like action figures and get nostalgic over old Atari games? We'll see. 

Regardless, it will almost certainly sell out, and at $25, I would have to admit is surprisingly reasonable. Tickets are on sale now.

*and yes, some chicks, including this one, so don't think I'm judging.