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Blazer Nicolas Batum Crotch-Punches Spaniard at Olympics

Was Rudy Fernandez to blame?

694px-nicolas_batum_2011Nicolas Batum on the French national team in 2011 - Wikimedia Commons

 The proud Portland tradition of punching people in the testicles during basketball games continued today at the London Olympics.

This time it was Portland Trail Blazers forward Nicolas Batum who took a swing at an opponent's groin, while representing France at the Games. He swung at Juan Carlos Navarro's crotch with 24 seconds left in France's quarterfinal loss against Spain.

Unlike mayoral candidate Rep. Jefferson Smith (D-East Portland), who earlier this year said he was aiming for an opponent's thigh during a pick-up game scuffle, Batum didn't deny his intention.

"I wanted to give him a good reason to flop," he told Yahoo Sports' Adrian Wojnarowski.

Batum was whistled for unsportsmanlike conduct, but not ejected from the game.

CBS Sports says that Batum's anger may have been stoked by a former Blazer.

There was also some apparant annoyance from France at the Spanish antics, notably via Rudy Fernandez, as he seemed to oversell the contact on fouls writhing on the ground after minimal contact.

As usual, this is all Rudy Fernandez's fault.  

Watch it over and over, thanks to the .gif-makers at CBS Sports.

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