It's the middle of the week, which means that your full on workaday malaise has to be kicking in hard at this point. So, let's see what we can do to snap you right out of that, hmmm? Consider this: you don't have it as bad as the folks in this weird and wonderful little video from Wax Fingers (directed by local photog Inger Klekacz). Just see it through to the end and you'll see what we mean. 

Not edgy enough? Let's see if this shaky video directed by Michael Gerard Levasseur a.k.a. Michael The Blind doesn't leave you feeling wobbly. Filmed on handheld Flip cams and featuring lots of spinning about on the beach and in the studio, watching it is a little...dizzying. 

As you reel from that, quickly start up this clip put together to go along with a track from a new collaborative album between the brilliant guitarist Sir Richard Bishop and sound artist W. David Oliphant. The disc Beyond All Defects has been inspired by Tibetan Buddhism and, as such, as a deeply meditative quality to it. This animated video follows suit. 

Calmed down? Cool. Now let's get the blood pressure up with a little action from the March Fourth Marching Band. Here they are performing in Portland.........wait for it.......MAINE! HA! Aren't we witty as hell? Best part of this clip: watch for the old dude in the bike helmet get a bari sax in the face. 

The video for this new cut from Portland MC Illa is pretty nondescript. But the track on the other hand is a scorcher, thanks to Illa's silky performance and some crackling production work by AraabMusik. I've only spun this jam twice but I'm already ready to drop it in my top 10 songs of 2012. 

Alright, we've got you good and warmed up now. So, let's leave this all off with a huge grin on your face via Portland Cello Project. They put together a nice mashup video of pieces of their most recent Extreme Dance Party. Barn burning performances throughout from the looks of this, especially the ever wonderful Corin Tucker tearing her way through "Groove Is In The Heart."