You just got into the office. Take a few minutes for yourself and watch some videos. By golly, I think you've earned it. You worked so hard this week! Don't let The Man keep you down. 

As you know, OMSI has been making connections with the local indie rock scene here and there, bringing in folks to play live on the grounds of the museum as part of their OMSI After Dark series. This month, on the 29th, they've lined up a fine bill including Lost Lander and power pop wonders Blue Skies For Black Hearts. To promote said event, members of BSFBH played a little commemorative song on the bridge of the U.S.S. Blueback - the submarine docked outside of OMSI - and filmed it. Dig the sweet harmonies. 

Speaking of Lost Lander, videos of the band's gigs have been popping up on YouTube over the past month, showcasing this incredible live band as the peak of their considerable powers. Here, for example, is a clip of them performing "Dig" at Seattle's Columbia City Theater in June. 

Not too long ago, the amazing Bob Mould came to our fair city to film a video for the first track off his new album Silver Age. It's a disc that has him reverting back to the melodic rock sound that marked his days fronting Sugar (and the latter part of Husker Du's lifespan). With director Alicia Rose, Mould cooked up a story of a recently fired businessman who leaves modern life behind. Look for appearances by several local folk like former Gang of Four bassist Dave Allen, local producer/engineer Beau Sorenson, ex-Captain Vs. Crew drummer Shawna Gore, and host of the That Sound podcast Dave Cusick. 

Here's a video not for the faint of heart. Last weekend, about 150+ people packed into the Ella Street Social Club for two nights of power electronics and overmodulated insanity known as the Pure Harsh Noise Worship Festival. It was quite an experience, as you might imagine...and as this video should attest. It's a clip of the short set by local noise artist Redneck, and an example of one of the more theatrical sets of the weekend. 

Lastly, this summer saw another successful Rigsketball tournament, which was won by the balling crew known as TxE. But there were some fine showings by a lot of other local groups, including Mannequinhead, who edited together this bunch of highlights from their games with (for some reason) the video for "Hot Cheetos & Takis". This video has a lot going for it: some hilarious wigs, some pretty sweet b-ball playing, and the strangely alluring sight of Nick Jaina in a pair of Spandex shorts.