Anybody who thinks lawyers are boring should tune into the University of Oregon's legal department.

The Ducks' attorneys got knocked for a loss for their role in the messy 2010 departure of athletic director Mike Bellotti. That saga ultimately played a role in the firing of U of O President Richard Larivere and its reverberations continue today, as U of O economics Prof. Bill Harbaugh details in his latest post at the blog U of O Matters

Here's a highlight: Harbaugh quotes from an email from the university's current general counsel, Randy Geller, who refers to recently-resigned Attorney General John Kroger's investigation of Geller's predecessor, Melinda Grier.

a hack job

Updated at 4:10 pm
an apology
Dear President Kroger:

You may have seen media reports or received questions regarding an email I sent to the University of Oregon Senate Transparency Committee several weeks ago. In my communications, I criticized the inquiry the Oregon Department of Justice conducted into the work of the former General Counsel to the University in 2010. My characterization of the inquiry was unacceptable and I sincerely regret making the comments. I apologize to you and the members of your former staff at the Department of Justice.

Sincerely,Randolph Geller

Geller also issued a statement letting people know he had apologized and apologizing for misusing his department's website:
Statement regarding DOJ inquiry/General Counsel website

I have communicated directly with the president of Reed College and former Oregon Attorney General John Kroger expressing my regret for the ill-advised email I sent several weeks ago. My comments were unacceptable and I have apologized to the former Attorney General and his staff.

I also recognize that it was inappropriate to use my office’s website to recognize the former General Counsel for her years of service.

Randolph Geller

General Counsel