The Oregonian's owner keeps lopping off publication days back east.

Advance Publications, the New Jersey-based media company that owns The Oregonian, has announced it's reducing print editions at two of its daily newspapers: the Syracuse Post-Standard and the Harrisburg Patriot-News. Both papers will print three days a week starting in January.

Today's announcement makes 10 daily papers where Advance has cut publication in recent years.

"The economic model that has supported The Post-Standard and newspapers around the country is no longer sustainable," Syracuse Post-Standard editor and publisher Stephen Rogers told his staff. "We are living through a digital revolution...This is an irreversible trend. We either adjust, or we perish."

Rogers, who will now head a web-based news organization called the Syracuse Media Group, directly echoed—often word-for-word—an Aug. 6 editorial by Steve Newhouse, chairman of, the company's digital division. 

"[I]t's been more and more apparent that the economic model that supported our journalism for so many decades was no longer sustainable and that, as a result, the role we played in civic life was in jeopardy," Newhouse wrote then. "The rapid rise in digital adoption by consumers and advertisers is irreversible...We are in the midst of a digital revolution and instead of constantly being disrupted by our numerous online competitors, we decided to re-invent ourselves."

Many staffers at The Oregonian believe it will follow the company model, but publisher N. Christian Anderson maintains no cuts are planned.

"The question now: When will the Advance-owned Oregonian announce that it's cutting its print schedule?" media pundit Jim Romenesko asked this morning