Pure Bathing Culture, "Ivory Coast"

I don't profess to really understand what's going on in this new Pure Bathing Culture clip -- a video for the song "Ivory Coast," directed by Sean Pecknold -- but that's fine by me. I like mysterious things even when they do involve strange blue alien babies. Especially when they are set to the tune of a dreamy pop song. 

Corin Tucker Band, "Neskowin"

Alicia J. Rose has been on quite a roll with her video work of late: Bob Mould, Cake, Theresa Andersson... And now she's cemented her legacy as one of the best music video directors around with this inspiring and fun clip set to the tune of "Neskowin," a track from the just released new album by Corin Tucker Band. Not only do you get a chance to see Tucker and co. done up like X-Ray Spex, but you get to see And And And drummer Bim Ditson get his ass kicked by a teen. 

Sad Little Men, "The Tracksuit Problem in Canada"

In our exhaustive research for new videos, we found that one kind soul has posted a series of clips of the dramatic pop duo Sad Little Men performing at Slabtown. There's not much art to the videos, just a single shot of the band onstage, but the music more than makes up for it, as you'll hear with this vocal harmony-and-piano-rich little number called "The Tracksuit Problem In Canada."