Hey, Portland music nerds! The great Seattle-based reissue label Light in the Attic needs you! Like, right fucking now!

Here's the skinny: To celebrate its 10th anniversary, the label is taking a road trip to Los Angeles and hitting 50-plus record stores on the way down. It recently held a contest to select a vinyl junkie to join in on the first leg of the trip, but a family emergency forced him to back out yesterday, just as the label's van was about to set off.

That's where you come in: The LITA guys are stopping in Portland today—and popping in at Jackpot Records' Hawthorne location around 6:30 pm for a special DJ set—and need someone to fill that empty seat! Here are the details:

The long and short of it is: We will provide room and board, a seat in the LITA van, $50 bucks a day to spend on records, a flight back from SF -> PDX on Monday night, and a lifetime of memories. Yes, all of these can be yours! For your chance to win a seat in the van, briefly tell us in a comment below why you want to be on this four day journey with us. Be sure to include your name and email in the email/name fields (this is not shown) so that we can contact you. And remember, you must be able to meet us Friday morning in Portland! We will contact the winner tomorrow, Thursday 9/20 at 7pm!