Our sorta-weekly look at local bar and restaurant gossip, via OLCC liquor license applications:

Tilt, a burger place at 3449 N Anchor St. #200 on Swan Island that the Portland Mercury seems to really like, has applied for a beer and wine license. Paperwork reveals that the business's full name is actually "Tilt Handcrafted Food Built For The American Workforce." Jesus.

Beloved Southeast sandwich joint Meat, Cheese, Bread is expanding into 1410 SE Stark St. to include a bar, which will, of course, be called Beer.

Exciting news for people who like to complain about how much better Portland was before all the God damn hipsters ruined everything: Yaw's Top Notch, a reincarnated version of the old Portland drive-in, has opened at 11340 NE Halsey and has applied for a full liquor license. 

In June, we reported that the Moscow Bar and Grill at 16015 SE Stark St. was applying to change its name to the Red Square Bar and Grill. That doesn't seem to have happened: a new owner, Warner E Allen, is applying to change it to the Woodshed, which I think would be both a great name for a Timbers bar and/or a gay bath house.

Adding to the culinary cornucopia that is Jantzen Beach, a new Denny's will open there at 11950 N Center St.