It's's around 4:30 pm...the slow haze of tired is taking over. You know what that means? Time to stare at your computer screen while images bounce all over it and some fine local tunes leak out of your computer speakers. At least that's what time it is around my house. I don't know how you office dwellers do things. 

Anyway, here's a nice straightforward clip to get us started, brought to you courtesy of hip-hop whiz kid Calvin Valentine (aka G-Force). It's a little bit of an on-the-nose representation of the pleading, love-lost tune "Play Those Games," but it sure looks cool. I do want some answers about that necklace Valentine is wearing in this video, however. 

On the even more artful end of the visual spectrum comes a new clip from AU. This one was directed by Roberto Ortu and plays out like something between an Almodovar flashback and some French New Wave classic. Meshes nicely with the urgent pulse of "Solid Gold." 

Now, a video with a message. The skyscraping melodies of Rags kknd Ribbons are brought to the floor of some kind of factory that that a palm tree? Whatever the case may be, the emphasis in this video for "Moving On" is on the Ecoroof that the trio plays upon with an encouragement for all viewers to check out the world of lush greenery that, sitting atop a building, can help lessen that space's environmental impact while producing some delicious oxygen and lovely plant life. And stuff.  

If you want to get real, real gone as you close out your work day, check out this video for the track "Monte Carlo" from Charlie Salas-Humara's synth pop project Grapefruit. The rainbow-colored clip centers on a Dream Machine, a device Brion Gysin developed to induce hallucinogenic effects when you get right up close to it and let the flickers play upon your closed eyes. It's only ever given me a headache when I've tried it out, but don't let that stop you. Turn the lights on in your office, get up close to your computer screen, and lose yourself for a little while.