Our weekly roundup of bar and restaurant news gleaned from OLCC liquor license applications:

The former funeral parlour that was previously home to music venue the Woods at 6637 SE Milwaukie will soon be Relish Gastropub. The O reported a while back that this is a branch of the Vancouver, B.C. eatery of the same name. Can't confirm or deny that based on the paperwork, but I can tell you the application was filed by Akhil and Marla Kapoor, who appear to be the previous owners of Wine About It in West Linn.

Junior's Cafe appears to have been sold to Amy Christin Squier, a long-time employee of Dots Cafe. She has applied to upgrade the liquor license to a full license (the one that lets you serve hard liquor).

Japanese chain Shigezo is opening a second Portland outlet in the criminally under-serviced location of 3810 SE Division St. Thank heavens that neighborhood will finally have something decent to eat! The application indicates it will be open for lunch on weekdays, and nightly for dinner. 

DRD Records at 720 SE Hawthorne Blvd. is opening a cafe, called the Analog Cafe.

2135 N Willis Blvd., which has previously housed the short lived Stone Pickle Deli & Pub and short-lived cocktail bar Divina, is slated to become Kenton Park Pub

Another winery looks to be joining the SE Wine Collective. GMB Inc., which is registered to Gerald M. Bieze of Lake Oswego, has applied for a winery license for space F.

Linnton's nautical-themed Lighthouse Inn at 10808 NW St Helens Rd., appears to have been sold—Matthew D. Sayler has applied to take over the ownership of the liquor license from Heinz and Elsie Grimm.