"This was an unexpected occurrence and we have made plans to prevent anything like this from happening again," [emphasis his] wrote Jeff Bancroft, Portland Fire & Rescue's Chief Safety Officer in a Nov. 17 letter to OHSA. "As you know Commissioner Leonard is a retired Portland Fire Lieutenant with 25 years of experience. He was wearing a firefighter turnout coat, turnout pants, helmet and SCBA [self-contained breathing apparatus]. However, it has been some years since he was trained in the usage of this equipment. Clearly, Portland Fire & Rescue does not condone allowing former employee to 'suit up' and enter any hazard areas. We have established guidelines and policies that prohibit such occurrences.
Although OSHA made Portland Fire & Rescue's response and OSHA's response to that response public at
s request, OSHA has not yet produced the original complaint. We will post that when we get it