MFNW Executive Director Trevor Solomon


Hey folks. Time for MFNW executive director Trevor Solomon's now four-year tradition of public Miami Heat fanaticism, blogged out live at the Rose Garden as the team plays the Portland Trail Blazers at 7:30 pm. This is Matthew Korfhage filling in on the intro, as former music editor (and BlazerBlogger) Casey Jarman last year became the first hot dog to be launched into outer space; meanwhile, Arts and Culture editor Martin Cizmar hates the Miami Heat so much he left this morning on a plane to Ohio. But yes, the defending champs are in town and the Portland Trail Blazers are defending against them. And Trevor Solomon is totally on the wrong side of the fence. 

Trevor? Over to you on the wrong side of the fence, Trevor:

Yo Yo Yo. Is this thing on. I sure hope so. so just got here and unlike years past i didnt eat the food in the press area which looked good tonight but choice to have dinner with family at justa pasta which was really nice. speaking of family the big thing for us since last year is we have a new heat fan in portland our little boy saul david solomon. a big shout out to saul, leeanne and our dogs (maybe the biggest heat fans i know) snacks and daphne. so the heat were just introduced and they are looking sharp. funny enough the blazers were announced and they are blasting rick ross who is a miami rapper sort of weird but thats just me who knows. ok were 15 mins away to tip top quite exciting. GO HEAT.

ok lineups have been announced. i have to say doing this for my fourth year i am really proud of the fact i can say WORLD CHAMPIONS THE MIAMI HEAT!!!!! I know they havent played great lately but i feel repeat is in the year. with the blazers they have been on a role and been playing great and i think have won 8 in a row at home but sorry blazers fan that will end tonight. i have been going to heat vs. blazers for years and i cant remember a year when the blazers won. oh looking at tnt on my screen they give us for press and we dont get reggie miller announcing the game instead we have steve kerr oh well. dude from talking ball just sat next to me great post game show.

First Quarter:
11:11 no score. good energy in the room. and there is my man bron bron with two.
the man lebron has come to play 4 already. 6 for the good guys, and 6 for the other team.
good guys being the heat.

9:18 score heat 7 blazers 6.

damian lillard with 2. really impressive player maybe the most exciting player here since brandon roy. i am not a blazers fan i am a heat fan but i do enjoy watching the blazers and with a son i think he might end up a blazers fan i sure hope not but its not the worse thing in the world i guess.

6:30 blazers 12 heat 8. getting a little chippy in here. oh what pass from bron to bosh. ray allen is in now for the heat love him in that movie were his name is jesus. i forget it but it will come to me. spike lee was director i think

5:11 time out on the floor 12-10 blazers. good game really fun in here. psyched to be here, and thanks to blazers media for ticket.

out of the break wade for 2 nice floater and another 2 heat back in control.

oh blazers whats up not looking good all of a sudden.

mike miller checks in for heat, great 3 point shooter, and even though he is a gator i like him. oh besides the heat i love the University of Georgia GO DAWGS as i went there and a ton of soon to be wifes family is from there and big dawg fans.

wade with another point heat now up 18-12, and heat have gone on a 10 point run with wade putting in 6 of them. you cant stop this heat machine CHOO CHOO.

ok this lillard kid aint no joke. 2 3 pointers in a row. no wonder he was rookie of the month of december.

score is now 21 heat 18 blazers. and were at the end of the quarter. good game.

2nd quarter:
man the blazers can hit the 3's but its all about the 3 headed monster of the heat. all points have been scored by wade, bron, or bosh. timeout portland 9:22 and heat are up by 8 32-24. SORRY MATT HOgan your team is losingl

ok were back and my man for the heat is in norris cole. love the hair old school kid and play look love it.

man and there is he NORRIS COLE BABY. charge on blazers norris took the charge. telling u he is awesome

ok random thought but was watching commercial earlier and they showed a swaddle to a new born, as a new father i am telling u that swaddle works but is tough, leeanne my partner is the master at it but for me not so easy but it does work, any first time parents learn that swaddle its magic.

oh blazers fans. call a time out the place is in trouble. 5:19 in 2nd quarter and heat up 39-27.

4:01 left in 2nd quarter and heat are up 42-34 and blazers are trying to crawl back but man they are a good young team who will have some nice wins this and might make playoffs actually probably will but the heat are the heat, its almost not fare and no team will win a championship besides them for some time.

time out heat 44 blazers 36. 2:32 left.
chris bosh having a nice game 14 points and the leading scorer for your miami heat.

oh boy wade to bron. yeah baby. 50 heat, 38 other dudes.

dwayne wade comes down so easy and scores love this dude. great dad as well tweets a ton about his sons and being a role model to them. quality man.

and thats the end of the half 52 HEAT 38 BLAZERS. GOING TO GET SOME POPCORN BE RIGHT BACK.

2nd half:
ok were off here and rolling. matthews for a 3 for blazers good player i like him a ton of heart. he should be a heat player.

man so felix hernandez is in the building and a big heat fan judging from his hat which is a heat hat. the folks love felix a ton of pictures , i gave up on baseball when they got rid of the expos when baseball was about teams being able to compete rather then buy championships. oh well back to the game.

9:35 heat 56 and pdx 47. so unsure if many of you have flown from portland to miami or fort lauderdale but man thats long flight i beg any airline to find a direct flight please!!!!

2:44 left and heat are up 65 to 57 blazers keeping it close. love the break they are showing the blazers guess music and the coach knows adele and nsync and jeff jeffries as well but no one else. funny stuff.

sorry for the delay on blog had to think about what i am making for dinner for our friends neona and chris on saturday and took a second to figure out what to do but i solved it. going south with paula deen and beef and rice receipt. love me some paula.

.38 seconds left and its getting a little hot in here for me the lone heat fan. 4 point game but guess who scores a three NORRIS COLE THATS MY DUDE.

end of the third heat 68 blazers 63 good game.

start of the 4th quarter.
11:00 heat 70 and blazers 65. really good game and i might be a heat fan but i can see the heart and young spirit in the blazers.

chris bosh also really impressive with leading  the heat with 23 points so far.

ronnie price is a player u can see has this swagger about him. total team guy, hustles for plays.

man the heat just dont let down after blazers getting it close to 4 points here comes the heat with a dagger by the gator miller. score now heat 77 and blazers 66.

6:10 heat up 82-74 sorry it was wrong game clock actually 6:12.
well here comes the blazers last stand see what they have in them.
not a ton when your messing with wade county baby.

so the video just went thru the crowd and first person is danger ehren from jackass fame. ehren is a buddy of mine and one of a kind in a great way. one of the best people portland has to offer and funny and he messes with faz which is always funny. sorry faz just messing with u. what up weezie.

5 point game getting a tad close come on heat. lets quiet this place.
4:17 heat 82 blazers 79. lucy we have a problem i think

tie game. i am feeling my blood pressure rise, anyone got something for that. oh boy i feel like i am trapped in a bad disco now.
sorry another commercial came up and its on top chef my only comment is now josie is still around is amazing to me after last nights episode. ok back to the game.

ray allen for 3! he got game that was the name of that movie.

oh blazers had opportunity to take the lead but no dice.

87 heat 84 pdx

man blazers could have tied again and nothing. so close but they cant hit free throws and just not working for them.

ray ray allen puts us up by 3 points. 88 heat, 85 blazers. nail biter.

wesley matthews with 2 3 pointers and they bad guys have taken the lead 91-90. i feel sick.

90 heat and 92 blazers.

BLAZERS WIN. this sucks but thanks to blazers and wweek for letting me do this. i am going to puke.