Andy Wiederhorn, the once-high-flying Portland financier whose machinations landed him in federal prison, is back in the news, this time in the Los Angeles Times.

Wiederhorn left Portland for L.A. in 2010 to concentrate on fixing Fat Burger, a fast-food chain owned by his company, Fog Cutter Capital.

Here's what the Times says about his current activities:

Fog Cutter relocated to Santa Monica in 2010 to reconnect with Fatburger's roots, Wiederhorn said. The company is aggressively expanding its locations and offerings. Fatburger had 40 stores in 2003. By the end of 2012, there were 150 Fatburgers in 27 countries. Fatburger has built flagship stores in Dubai and Macao, and is beginning to move into other countries in Asia. The company last year bought Buffalo's Cafe, a casual wings franchise similar to Wingstop. The first Buffalo's Cafe opened in Palmdale in December. A joint Fatburger-Buffalo's Cafe is slated for Santa Monica and Sepulveda boulevards.

Hat-tip to the ever-vigilant blogger Jack Bogdanski for posting this item first.