Another week, another budget standoff. This time, it's the sequester$85 billion in federal spending cuts if President Barack Obama can't make a deal with Congress by March 1.

Who cares? you say. I only worry about things that affect me and my fellow Oregonians.

The president has anticipated your reaction. In fact, the White House has produced a strategically terrifying breakdown of how sequestration would effect every state if Republicans don't cave. The Washington Post, ever helpful, turned it into an interactive austerity game

Anyway, Oregon is here

The short version? Oregon would probably lose 140 teacher jobs, furlough 3,000 Defense Department civilian employees, and not be able to vaccinate 1,670 children for diseases like mumps and whooping cough. 

Before you begin digging that bunker, it's helpful to remember that such threats are standard practice in budget brinksmanship.