Our sorta-weekly recap of gossip via OLCC liquor license applications:

Looks like Portland will be making its own brand of tequila's country cousin, mezcal. Sofia Acosta Rascon, no apparent relation to the young Mexican-Californian racquetball star of the same name, has applied for a license to begin distilling the Oaxacan-style maguey (blue agave) spirit under the name Meteca—Spanish for "foreigner." Or, if you prefer, it's Brazilian slang for a narc. Rascon recently hosted an artisanal mezcal tasting at Southeast eatery Xico.

applied for a winery license
2944 SE Powell Blvd.
it also leaves us open to make ciders in the future....
You won't see us saying, 'This is our new Cabernet.
Bob Wolfe l
2100 SE 10th St.)
an old-school Alcoholics Anonymous meet-up.
Los Colomos
Matona’s Mexican Restaurant
5919 SE Foster Blvd.
El Cubo de Cuba
Brand-new sandwich spot South Paw Deli
441 N. Killingsworth