Feel like spending a little more money on a winning candidate in last fall's election? Tonight's your chance.

City Commissioner Amanda Fritz is still trying to recoup some of the money she spent in her largely self-financed reelection campaign. She's holding a fundraiser at Gilt Club at 306 Northwest Broadway at 5:30 pm.

"Everyone is welcome," Fritz says. "It's mostly for my supporters who want to help in retiring some of the campaign debt I incurred."

Fritz spent more than $375,000 of her own money to defeat former Rep. Mary Nolan and return to City Hall. She says it was most of her family's life savings. Since the election, she has raised $15,990 from donors.

It's not uncommon for politicians to hit up donors after they win an election. In fact, Mayor Charlie Hales held his own Gilt Club reception in December, asking up to $2,500 a person.

Fritz says this is her last fundraising event. It has a second purpose, she tweets: "Celebrating soon-to-pass Sick Leave, too!"

City Council is expected to unanimously approve Fritz's paid-sick leave policy on Wednesday.